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About  Blossom Tree Card Co.

Once upon a time. . . 

My sister was worrying and fretting about the favours for her

wedding. She couldn't seem to find anything she liked that would

fit her theme. She had seen boxes and baskets in shops but she wanted

something no one else had; she wanted something special and 

unique but didn't know how to make this happen! So, as a

creative designer myself, we sat down (with a cup of coffee

and a large slice of cake) and we chatted about what she would like if she

could have anything in the world. She wanted something handmade, that would complement the colour of the bridesmaid dresses with lace, rustic twine and many other intricate details! Within a day, I had made a few prototypes that she absolutely adored, so I then went on to create an example wedding invitation for her that was unique to her wedding.


It was then that I thought to myself, 'there are so many brides and grooms who want unique, personalised stationery at their wedding. Something that expresses their wedding theme, the beauty of their special day and something that guests will remember forever.'

 Something like this just cannot be bought in a shop!

And thus, Blossom Tree Card Co. was born!


This page is filled with fab photos of my designs from weddings and events to serve as an online portfolio of my work.

                  However, every single wedding is completely unique to the                      Bride and Groom. It is your special day, unlike any other. The stationery is the first sneak peek into the theme and colours of your wedding                  and complements the beauty of your decorations. It is so much more than just making the announcement that you are setting a date to be married!

Now, wedding stationery is just the roots of Blossom Tree. We have also designed a range of Christening cards, hen and stag party invitations, thank you card sets, invitations for galas and a whole host of other events, each one individually handmade and personalised to make the event memorable.


We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of every design we produce. We will work together with you to allow us to design the perfect stationery set for you, whether it be just your invitations or the whole package from save-the-date cards to the Order of Service, table planners and thank you cards. Each individual piece can be personalised with yours and your guests' details, the venue and any other information you wish to share about the day. There are all sorts of embellishments and little trims and extras you may not have thought of, and we have sourced beautiful cardstock in a large variety of colours to match your theme. There really are no restrictions here apart from the imagination...

The sky is the limit!

Throughout the whole process, we will work closely with you to to ensure we capture the essence of your wedding or event perfectly, taking that little bit of the stress and worry out of all the planning.

So, what are you waiting for?

Send us a message!

Julianna's story...

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Bespoke Wedding & Events Stationery

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